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Started in 1999, to fill the void represented by the market in Perfumes, watches, and fashion. Maylaa Trading International LLC has expanded to cover more than fashion. Flowers arrangements have become a passion to fulfill every occasion starting from birthdays to weddings and special events. In addition to that, Maylaa did not stop its presence, it strengthened it with a collection of the best confections, sweets, and dipping nuts. What sets Maylaa apart other than the +1600 brands it sells and hosts, is that it has its own manufacturing for the products it has which throne Maylaa at the peak of the UAE and GCC markets. Now, Maylaa has expanded to cover all of UAE with over 80 stores across the country giving its customers a wide range of collections, a vast variety of perfumes, accessories, makeup, and watches, and a new experience in fashion, desserts, and arrangements.

Our Motto

Helping the business to get the greatest strategic advantage from the market is always our primary target.

We always provide our customers the best products from around the globe and always ahead of competitors.

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